What you can expect from a BoinQ episode

Each episode starts with ‘BoinQ Quickies’ – this is a brief Q&A segment based on questions people have asked, emailed, texted, phoned and carrier pidgeoned to me over the years. We of course include questions not only asked by you personally, but those asked on behalf of friends. They are brief responses to relatively straight forward questions, although certainly not the final word that could be said. If you would like to send in a Boinq Quickie question for us – or you would like to ask for a friend – please feel free to email us at quickie@boinq.co.za.

Then we segue into the main course where we’ll tuck into a meaty discussion with a guest or three who will help us unpack the nuances and nooks of the episode’s topic. We tackle a huge variety of issues like ethics in bodywork, the politics of polyamory, feminist BDSM, space sex and cyborgs.

You can totally expect Les, our resident ‘every guy’, to interrupt the discussion with questions about defining terms, breaking down assumptions, and generally asking the stuff a lay person would. My intention is to pitch discussions at an informed level – these are the conversations happening at my proverbial water cooler – and to allow Les to poke myself and guests when we’re talking jargon and terms that are not colloquial or are deeply contested.

If you’d like to suggest a topic, recommend a guest for us to invite, or you want to join us for an episode please email us at info@boinq.co.za

A short note about trigger warnings

This podcast delves into human sexuality and episodes will invariably contain frank and explicit talk about bodies, identities, and trauma of various kinds. Our intention is to move into these discussions in the spirit of consensual mutual engagement – if you would like to listen, please be informed that you may encounter some difficult and triggering content. We leave the choice to proceed in your hands.